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Ocean Reef IDM Space Extender Mask

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Our newest Integrated Diving Mask system: the Space Extender, is the mask for the avid diver, advanced adventurer and diving professional.

  • Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator.
  • Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
  • Directional exhaust valve (4 positions).
  • Dive / pre dive switch.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Includes the Extender Kit (frame + accessories).
  • SAV (Surface Air Valve) included.


This IDM has it all right off the bat.

A fully customizable product that can serve all your needs and grow with your preferences thanks to a full line of accessories that can be integrated at any time with your mask.

Why full face diving mask

Goodbye jaw discomfort and fatigue, goodbye difficult breathing. No more fogging problems - Ocean Reef's breathing circulation inside the mask's frame guarantees no fogging and no extra stress.

Mask flooding is avoided because of the face seal design. Breathing inside the mask automatically equalizes the sinuses and purges water through the draining/exhalation valve if water were to enter the mask. When voluntarily flooding the mask, a couple purges of the second stage button completely clears the water from the mask.

Balanced second stage integrated into the mask means automatic pressure equalization at each inspiration and consistent ease of breath at any tank pressure. Adjustment knob provides the diver with the requested amount of air flow under all circumstances.

Why Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef has brought its 27 year knowledge in the scuba full face mask industry to the table when engineering all its products. Some of the unique features their masks have:

  • 3D Equalization System: this design offers method for equalizing that is intuitive and non-obstructive.
  • Ocean Reef air circulation system is patented. You always breathe fresh air. Independently tested to ensure safety and comfort. No unsafe CO2 buildup.
  • Ocean Reef IDMs have a larger field of vision than competitor masks, offering broad, clear view.

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