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Black Hills Aquatic Adventures

Black Hills Aquatic Adventures

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Ocean Reef  Equipment Training 
Early registration required (minimum 1 week) for all classes due to on-line portion that needs to be completed prior to 1st class session 

Ocean Reef Full Face Snorkel Mask no on-line portion

Learn how to properly inspect and use the full face snorkeling mask. We instruct all users on the physiology of breathing, what the orinasal pocket is and how it works, and what to check before every snorkel use. there is no reason to have any apprehension after this class.
1 Hour classroom, 1 hour pool (minimum time)  Price: $24.99 with mask purchase. 



Recreational and Professional Masks
Your dive mask is your window to the underwater world. Full Face Masks bring in a greater view, allow you to breath naturally through both your mouth and nose, which creates more comfort, less stress during your dive and eventually reduces your air consumption giving you more bottom time (but still staying within table or computer limits).

This course is designed to help the IDM diver become knowledgeable and to learn the skills and equipment needed to safely dive using an IDM.
Price: $284.99 with IDM and regulator rental.  With IDM purchase: $79.99

Ocean Reef Underwater  Communications Training

In every phase of human history communication has made a powerful impression. In this course we will explain what diving communication is, how it works, how it can be used and and show its benefits. We believe an in-depth understanding of how to communicate underwater is a crucial step in the growth and safety of the new and experienced Diver.
Prerequisites IDM/FFM certification
Price: $159.99     With Communication system purchase $79.99

Ocean Reef Integrated Diving Mask Accredited Instructor Course
To train and inform motivated SCUBA Instructors, from any training agency, in the correct way to safely prepare a dive and to dive with the OCEAN REEF IDM & U/W Communication Systems. How to present and teach the IDM correctly as well as showing them how much fun it can be, and how the use of U/W communication can make their SCUBA teaching more efficient, fun and safer. It is in the interest of the diver’s comfort and safety to do this in how OCEAN REEF recommends the use of their products .Price: $350.00 (required Instructor Candidate Equipment needs to be purchased through Ocean Reef Directly)

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