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WWII Special Event: Peleliu, Palau

When: Jun 5, 2020
5:00 pm
Where: Zoom meeting

Operation Desecrate – US Naval forces meant to wipe out any significant presence of Japanese in Palau as well as the mine 

channels. Learn about the Japanese occupation of Palau, the Japanese Empire pivoting from offensive to defensive postures, US Navy tactics and airplanes, Task Force 58, the mines used, the actual op in which the US Navy decimated the military forces of Palau.

Operation Stalemate II – US Marines assault on the island of Peleliu in September, 1944. They anticipated a 4 day incursion and got a two month struggle, resulting in the second bloodiest battle of the Pacific theater. We’ll discuss Japanese presence in Palau and Peleliu, why Peleliu, the preparation, the assault, maps, strategies, Bloody Nose Ridge, With the Old Breed (novel), questions about why, and the history it left behind.

You’ll see historical shots and maps from US Naval Intelligence Reports, US Archives as well as wreck images and topside shots of the ruins and artifacts.

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