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Black Hills Aquatic Adventures
A Full Service Scuba Diving Shop

"We will never sell you something you don't need"

Featured Scuba Equipment

Some of our favorite equipment is listed below - come in to the shop to purchase or ask questions!

ScubaPro Seawing Nova

Why Jim likes it: This fin offers a good combination of power and comfort (power to propel you through the water, but without getting too tired).

ScubaPro Spectra Trufit

Why Jim likes it: This (as with other Trufit masks) tend to fit a variety of faces and offer good visibility.

ScubaPro Definition Shorty...

Why Jim likes this: This is a great multi-purpose shorty for those traveling to warmer climates for their diving adventures or for layering while diving here at Pactola. This is a great option for watersports other than just scuba diving, too.

Hydros Pro

Why Jim likes it: This could be the last BC you ever need to own. This BC is modular so parts can replaced individually and by the owner.

MK17 / G260

This is why Jim likes it: This sealed diaphragm first stage is good for diving in lakes with silt and sediment. The second stage has an owner-adjustable Venturi for ease of breathing. This combination is recommended for public safety divers and spearfishing.
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